Try These Fun Activities With Your Dog At Home To Keep Them From Being Bored

Published on 05/02/2022

There are a surprising number of enjoyable activities that you and your dog can do at home. Indoor boredom can be avoided if you make an effort to plan some fun games and other activities for you and your dog. With a few rainy-day activities on hand, you and your dog can get some exercise and mental stimulation in the comfort of your own home. Playing with your dog will be far more satisfying than binge-watching a TV show or playing games on your computer, phone, or tablet. When you and your best friend are cooped up in the house, here are some ideas to keep the fun going.

Try These Fun Activities With Your Dog At Home To Keep Them From Being Bored

Try These Fun Activities With Your Dog At Home To Keep Them From Being Bored


When it comes to playing tug-of-war with your dog, who can resist? The idea that tug-of-war promotes aggressive, dominant behavior in dogs is incorrect. In addition to being a lot of fun, fetching with your dog is a great way to get some exercise and bond with your pet. Just make sure there aren’t any nearby tables or pieces of furniture that could potentially interfere. Be prepared to say “stop” if your dog starts to get out of hand.

Play Hide-And-Seek

You and your dog can have a lot of fun playing hide-and-seek if they’re bored, and it can also help them burn off some of their excess energy. Once the dog has located the person hiding, the person will be rewarded with a treat by calling out the dog’s name. Keep your dog happy and content by making it as simple as possible for him to find you. Keep things simple and fun.

Play Indoor Fetch

Playing fetch with small and medium-sized dogs inside is generally safe, depending on the size of your house. But if you have a large dog, it may be more difficult. In order for your dog to have an easier time gripping their claws, it would be best if you could play on something like a carpet. First, remove any breakable objects from the playing area before using a tennis ball.

Build An Obstacle Course

A dog obstacle course is ideal for people who have a limited amount of space but still want to give their pets a thorough workout. Use pillows, furniture, stairs (if you have one), laundry hampers, boxes with open ends, blankets to build jumps for your dog to play in, and small forts for him to explore. If you want your dog to use it, you’ll need to reward it with a treat or some other form of positive reinforcement.

Puzzle Toys

It’s no secret that dogs have a thing for puzzle toys. You can encourage your dog’s instinct to hunt and work for food by giving them a variety of challenging puzzles to solve. Just fill a puzzle toy with a few of their favorite treats, then sit back and watch as they work out how to get to them. You can encourage your dog to use their nose and fulfill their hunting instincts by giving them puzzle games and toys that require them to find hidden treats.


If you prefer to work out on your treadmill at home, feel free to bring your dog along. Keep them on a leash and give them treats until they get the hang of it. While your child may one day be able to run on the treadmill on their own, you should always keep a close watch on them. There’s a good chance that they’ll enjoy it.