Want To Adopt A Cat? Here Are Some Things You Need To Consider

Published on 05/02/2022

Every once in a while, we feel that need to have a companion by our side, of course, no one wants to be lonely, which is why we continue to seek out people who can be our partners for life. However, things don’t always go to plan which is why we adopt pets! Adopting a pet can be a daunting task as not everyone can handle all kinds of animals. So, if you’re looking to have a pet but can’t handle the energy of a dog yet also don’t want a pet that you can’t interact with like fishes and birds, then a cat is the perfect pet for you!

Taking care of a pet isn’t easy and it takes a lot of patience. You need the proper equipment to ensure that your pet would be perfectly okay, which is why if you’re not totally set on owning a pet, it’s better if you don’t adopt one instead. However, if you really want to take care of one, here are some important things to consider when adopting a cat.

Want To Adopt A Cat? Here Are Some Things You Need To Consider

Want To Adopt A Cat? Here Are Some Things You Need To Consider

Your Lifestyle

It’s a good idea to decide what traits you want your new cat to have before you start the adoption process. It’s crucial to think about your lifestyle and personality when doing so. Do you work full-time, travel regularly, or frequently attend nighttime social events? If this describes you, you should probably have an independent, low-maintenance cat. If her human friend is always gone, a clingy cat may become lonely.

A cat that is both friendly and energetic is an excellent companion for a homebody. Those with plenty of spare time and the virtue of patience can keep up with a lively cat who zips about the home, bats toys around, and attacks your fingers with abandon. Consider adopting a quiet and affectionate cat as a feline companion to share the couch with you at the end of a long day.

The Cat’s Age

When considering a cat, you must choose between a kitten, an adult cat, or a senior cat. Even though kittens are adorable, caring for them takes a lot of time and effort. When kittens are nursing, they will knead pillows like their mother’s tummy. This may cause clawing activity on leather or upholstered furniture.

Kittens, like puppies, benefit from having friends to play with, cuddle with, and play with while their owners aren’t there. If you want a kitten, it’s probably preferable to get two that can socialize together. Young kittens may not always receive complete training on how to use the litter box from their mothers, but two cats can sometimes influence each other in this regard.

More Cats!

As humans, we are very social, therefore it only makes sense that our cats would love it as well. Adult wild and domestic cats, with a few exceptions, live primarily alone lives. They can be content in groups, but unlike dogs, they do not seek out company from other cats. Ask yourself if your cat needs a buddy and if you are prepared to satisfy the demands of several cats before adding a second cat to your home.

The age and personality of your present cat are two crucial aspects to consider before acquiring a second cat. A youthful, lively, and voracious playmate is an older cat’s worst nightmare, but a young or middle-aged cat may be more amenable to the company of a kitten or even another adult cat.

The Costs

Aside from adoption fees, make sure you can afford the items on your first-time cat owner checklist. When you bring your cat home, you’ll need to buy toys, litter boxes, scratchers, cat trees, and food dishes. Then there are the ongoing expenses, including food, vet visits, and possible fees if you rent your home.

If you’re resourceful, you can even spend as low as $50 per month on your cats. However, this differs depending on where you live in the country. It also excludes the most expensive vet appointments, like invasive surgeries or chronic illness treatment.

Looking For A Vet

You should also look for a vet that offers either separate waiting rooms for dogs and cats or a single spacious waiting room with enough space for both when looking for one.

Find a cat-friendly clinic that understands how to alleviate the stress that certain cats experience when visiting the doctor. You’ll also want to select a veterinarian who believes in positive reinforcement as a training method and will suggest nonsurgical scratching remedies if you have any concerns.