7 Signs That Your Dog Loves You

Published on 05/02/2022

Yes, dogs can love people, not only dog owners know that. But how do dogs show their affection? There are several signs that you can tell that your four-legged friend really loves you. Dogs are pack animals and you, the owner, are usually the leader of the pack in your pet’s eyes. The following signs will tell you that your dog not only sees you as an “owner” but also loves you as a friend. Dogs don’t need words to express their affection. They show love differently, with many small gestures.

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7 Signs That Your Dog Loves You

Regular Greetings

You come home from work, open the front door, and you hear wildly padding dog paws approaching. Is your dog wagging its tail, looking at you happily, perhaps barking exuberantly or jumping up on you? Each of these characters stands for: “I’m glad you’re here” and expresses love for dogs.

Trust Means Love

You can tell if your dog loves you by the fact that it trusts you. Does your dog look at you when he doesn’t know what to do or when a situation seems unfamiliar and possibly even dangerous? Then he trusts you and sees you as a social standard. Proximity is also trust: You notice when your dog is looking for you – it would not do this if it did not trust you.

Your Dog Wants To Lick You

Even bitches show their love for their puppies after birth by licking them from top to bottom. The dog understands this behavior as an expression of affection – so if he wants to lick you later, that is also a sign of love. Kind of like a dog kiss, if you will.

Eye Contact Means True Intimacy

Would you look a stranger in the eye for a long time? Probably not. And it’s the same with our dogs. Prolonged eye contact between dog and owner gives both love, trust and security.

He Wants To Play With You

If your dog is standing in front of you with his tail wagging and his eyes expecting, his toy in his mouth and maybe touching his paw or nudging you with his snout, it obviously means that he would like to play with you. No question, a sign of canine love.

The Dog Cares About You

When your dog loves you, he wants you to be happy. His caring can be shown in a number of ways. In the event of impending danger, he may stand in front of you to protect you if he sees a potential aggressor on the street. But caring for aches and pains also shows his love. Does your dog noticeably often seek your closeness when you are sick or sad? This is typical behavior for a caring dog.

Lean On You

You only like to lean on people you trust. So if your dog leans against you, it’s a clear sign that he loves you. He enjoys your closeness and trusts you. If he also does this in frightening situations, he shows that you give him security. He can fully rely on you!